Before and After

Featuring organic and natural skin tones with minimal grain, 400h delivers a look that is warm and balanced. Jose likes to over expose his film just enough, and this preset was designed to match the soft skin tones he achieves by simply raising the exposure. The Noritsu scan makes greens pop in the shadows but preserves the perfect look of film
Jose will often treat his scans with a little extra touch, slightly shifting the color balance and bringing up the black point to where it feels just right. This offers a nice alternative option when the direct scan feels a little flat.
The Frontier scan allows for the soft pastel palette of the 400h to shine. With a blue tint in the shadow and a slightly higher contrast, 400h F looks great in nearly every situation.
This alternative to the 400h F will often take everything that is great about 400h F and add the perfect finishing touch of depth to the black.
Portra 800 N works incredibly well for low light images like those shot in twilight, first dances, and party photos. The Noritsu scan delivers a warmer feel and a pleasing amount of grain.
Portra on the Frontier adds a touch more contrast to the already high contrast film. Cooler in the shadows and a little more yellow in the highlights, this film creates a signature that is unmistakable.
01 400H Noritsu
02 400H Noritsu FTLOF
03 400H Frontier
04 400H Frontier FTLOF
05 Portra 800 Noritsu
06 Portra 800 Frontier